A very finicky friend once gave us the idea of why not creating a corner that not only sells hair accessories but all kinds of small presents for different occasions. That way, a client going to lunch or that has a special visit, can pick up a gift on her way out and saves her time & energy of finding an appropriate idea.
Since then Naiiman's cabinets have been full of goodies for every occasion…
Some items are handmade in Lebanon, by wonderful designers like Raeda and Spice. Others are sourced from international companies, mainly from the UK.
Throughout the years, we are proud to have collaborated with designers like Bluebird, Verity Jones, Clippykit, ZPM, Raggy-Tag, Cherry Chau, Inchblue, Popband, Jellycat, Parkside and many, many more.
Whether you want to offer something for a home, baby, mother, teacher, brother or even yourself, your selected item can be found within our premises!

And, believe us; we are behind every thought…